Hello Musicians and Wannabe Musicians!

Musicians at WorkMusicians and those who want to be musicians are a select crowd. My hat is off to your musical mastery.  You make the world rock. You make it cry. You make it laugh and you make it sing. This blog is for you — musicians who strive to excel at what they do so they can entertain others in their rough course through life.

We’ve assembled the finest selection of music lessons and music equipment on the planet. We’ll keep you entertained and informed with the latest reviews and music talk. We have our ears in the wind and our feet on the beat. With all this to offer, we’re sure you’ll soon compare our site to a musician’s lounge where you can find everything music.

There are many different types of musicians as you can see from this list: List of Types of Musicians. Many musicians pick up more than one instrument. Many of them cannot sing at all, but they love playing. I probably fall into this category, but in the right key I can sound pretty good I’m told. Never let your inhibitions or fears or the things other people say stop you!  Musicians are what they are because of who they are.

The music’s in me — is it in you? Then you too are a musician, even if you’ve never learned an instrument. Perhaps it’s time. Spread your wings and fly. Buy some music equipment, make some music lessons, and talk music.  Be the musician you’ve always wanted to be. Play, play play!